Submit your Sponsor Message for the 2018 Annual Meeting!

Sponsor Messages are published in the program book of the Annual Meeting of the AAFCP. They are messages of greeting and support for the Academy and its work. They are available in a variety of sizes and prices and can be viewed in past program books on 

IMPORTANT: Please review the following before submitting your Sponsor Message.

Tax Exempt
Your Sponsor Message is tax deductible. The AAFCP is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.

May 1, 2018 is the ABSOLUTE deadline. There can be no exceptions.
Please ensure that your Sponsor Message and payments are submitted early to avoid missing the deadline. Incomplete or late submissions will be returned.

Your message must include “Best Wishes,” “Congratulations,” “Have a wonderful AAFCP meeting,” “Proud to support…,” or similar greeting somewhere in the message. Messages without a greeting cannot be used, as they conflict with our tax exempt status.

File Format
Sponsor Messages must be uploaded through your online submission or sent by email. Art must be re-submitted each year. All art should be submitted in final form, per our designer’s requirements:

  • All artwork should be grayscale. Digital files are preferred to be submitted as .PDF and should be ”to size” without keylines.
  • Other files acceptable include native Adobe Illustrator®, PhotoShop®, or InDesign® with fonts outlined and images embedded and included in the submitted file folder.
  • Other acceptable files include image files such as .TIFF, .EPS, and .JPG set at the “highest” or “maximum” resolution or 300 dpi. Scanned images should be set at 300 dpi in either CMYK or RGB.
  • MicroSoft Word® files should be saved as .PDF before submitting.
  • MicroSoft Publisher® files WILL NOT be accepted.
  • All art should be submitted in final form. No alterations will be made by the AAFCP graphic designer.

Ensure that your Sponsor Messages meet all requirements prior to submission to avoid delays or submission rejection. If you have questions about your submission, please contact your Academy Member representative.


Once you have reviewed the above requirements, click Register Now to submit your Sponsor Message online. To submit multiple Sponsor Messages, please Register separately for each one.

Thank you!

2018 Sponsor Message Campaign

  • July 25 - 26, 2018